Our Passion

At Ludbrook Foods our passion is food and drink. Not just any food and drink. Quality, primarily local (unless it is outstanding and therefore worth going a bit further afield) food and drink.  Flavour, provenance and ethics are three key criteria that are evaluated before deciding whether or not to stock a product.

We love people who care about food, enthusiasm is infectious and should be embraced at all times! We also love meeting new suppliers who care so much about their products you can taste it.

Whether it’s adding an extra zest to your weekday dinner or going into full party mode with snacks and drinks, food plays such an important role in our society. It brings people together, it can turn a nice, basic barbecue into an amazing party with great conversation, laughter and full bellies.

We also think today’s consumers are getting bored with the main supermarkets and are demanding better quality food. By carefully researching the finest products money can buy (most of them having won awards for their taste), we can offer a selection of products we are proud to be associated with. We also love it when we discover products or a customer recommends something to us. If it passes our criteria then we’ll do our very best to add it to our range!

The best bit of all is that we’ll bring our products straight to your door! Order online and we’ll get in touch with a delivery date. Nice and easy!