Why gift a hamper?

The recent pandemic has shown us just how important your workforce is.

During this unprecedented period we have seen employees cope with a wide range of challenges in the workplace and we have seen increased demand for corporate hampers as a thank you to those who have gone above and beyond for their business.

Lots of businesses are choosing a food hamper as the gift of choice, it’s a gift that suits everyone – the wide range of products within the hamper means there is plenty of variety and it will guarantee a smile!

What about the tax implications?

To put it simply, an employee can receive a hamper up to the value of £50 (including VAT) without being taxed. It is because anything up to £50 is classed as a ‘trivial benefit’ and therefore does not have to be included on a P11D.

If an employer wishes to buy a hamper for an employee which is over £50, it is worth noting that the whole benefit is taxed, not just the excess.

Trivial benefits are capped at a total of £300 per tax year for directors, office holders and their families.

Ordering corporate hampers is a slightly different process to a normal hamper, as the quantity and budget will vary from business to business.

If this interests you, please contact us here (link to contact page or designated corporate order contact) to discuss the options.

Note: Should you have any concerns regarding the tax implications please seek professional advice.